About this page

The About page is for describing your firm and attorneys. We recommend replacing this content with a description of your philosophy and experience. You can use headings, lists, block quotes, images, links, and other formatting in the visual editor to make the page appealing to your readers.


Edit this page

Click Pages > All Pages. Click the title of this page in the list of pages. Edit the content, then click Update.


Add or remove User profiles

While you can enter attorney bios directly in this page’s visual editor, the recommended way is to add and edit Users like the Example User below.

To edit Users, click Users > All Users or Users > Add User to add a User.

For each User Profile:

  • Enter First Name and Last Name
  • Select which format to use in Display name publicly as
  • Enter links to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles
  • Enter Job Title
  • Upload a User Photo
  • Enter Biographical Info
  • Enter Undergraduate Education and Law School names and years
  • Enter Membership Info
  • Click Update User to save

To select which Users and User Profile fields to display on this page, click Appearance > Customize > People Page > People Page Content, and navigate to this page in the preview. Check the boxes to display specific Users and User Profile fields. Uncheck Example User to remove them from this page. Click Publish to save your changes.

To remove this Example User, click Users > All Users. Check the box next to exampleuser, then click Bulk Actions > Remove Users from Site > Apply.